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Green and Natural

Our preserved moss handcrafted wall art pieces are a breath of fresh air.

Create a lush vertical indoor garden for your home or office space: forever green, and minimal maintenance now


Honeycomb Moss Wall Art Panels

Intricate natural details, vibrant colors, and natural air-filtering abilities - this is what you get with this preserved moss wall art panel!
Create a unique vertical garden, inviting nature indoors. 
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Unique Moss Wall Art Panel

A beautiful, natural plant wall in your indoor space, longlasting, with minimal maintenance.
moss-decors-live wall-art-green

Preserved Moss Wall Art Piece

Moss walls are an impactful interior decor trend nowadays, and their benefits to people's health and wellbeing have been extensively proven.
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Moss illuminated wall art!

Enliven your room with this magically organic wall decor. Make a living style difference with moss wall art.view collection